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Saba Ferninand


"I can't even begin to explain the impact Karina has had on my mind, my confidence, my community, my revenue, my life. I seriously talk about her at minimum 3x a week. I went from knowing I wanted to create passive income (even as a newbie in the online space) to creating my signature course that now generates over 100k stand alone. The thing is we did that in UNDER a year! FUCKING MIND-BLOWING. It's so timeless because even after our time together, I could rinse and repeat what she taught me and it works. Confidence wise? There's absolutely NOTHING I can't do. If it exists, I can have it. If it doesn't I'm going to create it so I can! It can be a difficult decision to make whether you've invested in yourself before or not. As cliche as it may sound, do it for you NOW. The best time was yesterday if you could, and the next best time is now. In 6 months I went from -$11 checking account to over 6 figures as a beginner. I owed that to myself. I was able to get myself out of debt, live A LOT by traveling all year, and truly truly pinch myself because what a fucking dream I get to live now!"

a note from karina

"Saba is a force to be reckoned with! I knew it the second I laid eyes on her content. I was able to help her create a solid strategy to monetize her passions, blast through the limiting beliefs that were holding her back, and now she is WELL on her way to seven-figures! She has cultivated a community of over 200 students, created hundreds of job opportunities, and sold out her first retreat."

you can do it too.

Kayla Mendez


"I definitely can see the transformation over the course of a year. From the time I started diving into this community until now - I've been able to embody the creative CEO that I've always dreamed of becoming and always admired. Karina is really masterful at asking the right questions. She really ensures that every business move you make is in alignment with you and also the dream version of your life. 

Sometimes it can be hard to see outside of your own brain. Karina has accomplished the things I desired to accomplish and I knew investing in her was a no brainer. I am also in love with the women in this community. I have moved out of my own head and I am dreaming bigger because I have the systems and support to scale the business of my dreams."

a note from karina

"Kayla is an incredible Photographer and Educator based in Los Angeles. She came to me wanting to create a solid foundation to scale her photography business and bundle her knowledge into a signature program she can educate other photographers with. She generated her first six-figures in one year in 2021 (before even launching her course), had a five figure launch when the course did launch, and just had her addidas photoshoot featured on a billboard!"

you can do it too.

Jack Gallego


"Words can not describe how much I fucking love all of you beautiful souls. Thank you guys for seriously making my dreams come true and being everything I needed and so much more. Love ya’ll so much!"

a note from karina

“Jack created her cookie and wellness company Revive Al from the ground up during our six-week intensive. She published her first cookbook, has her cookies sold in stores nationwide, scaled to multiple six-figures in her first two years of business. She is now working on expanding her product line. ” 

you can do it too.

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